TechChicks radio 318 Aiyana May

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Aiyana May – 19:00 (CET) It’s Friday then… you know what time it is, time for our weekly radio show. Tonight Aiyana May will surprise us musically for an hour with her rare collection at Tech House. Tune in at 07:00 PM!  tune in: https://bit.ly/3pZmCnt  tune in: https://bit.ly/3EYyfPJ #electronicmusic #techhouse #technosoul #techchicksevent #everyfridaynight […]

Mita radio 158 Westblaak

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Westblaak – 18:00 (CET) Tomorrow we celebrate, because MITA exists 3 years and that must be celebrated. Therefore Westblaak will delight us with an hour full of Funky & Trippy House music cuase Music is Love, Music is the Cure, Music is the Answer  tune in at 06:00 PM! […]

TechChicks radio 317 Lola flores

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Lola Flores – 19:00 (CET) We’ve been eagerly waiting for over a week for tonights show. Lola Flores is going to spin the sparks off the turntables with her Tech House tunes. Prepare mentally for the weekend with this set & tune in at 07:00 PM  tune in: https://bit.ly/3pZmCnt  tune in: https://bit.ly/3EYyfPJ https://techchicks.shop.nl […]

Mita radio 157 Robin Klunder

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Robin Klunder – 18:00 (CET) YESSS after a long week of work it’s time for your weekly dose of electronic music. Tonight for the first time in the mix Robin Klunder who brought along hours of Deep House, Deep Tech, Minimal, and Tech House bangers. Tune in at […]

TechChicks radio 315 Miss Hendrixxx

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Miss Hendrixxx – 19:00 (CET) Suns out, Music out Since good weather is on the way we arranged a radioshow with a summer vibe for tonight. Miss Hendrixxx has become synonymous for amazing energetic funky House & Tech House with a touch of old classics funky disco sound. Let’s grooveeee into […]

Mita radio 155 SHUN

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Shun – 18:00 (CET) We are slowly entering the summer to speed up this process, Shun is ready to get us in the mood. An full hour of unlimited Tech House tunes that will take you straight into the weekend & if your lucky Ibiza  Tune in at 06:00 PM! […]